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I'm based in Winchester, Hampshire where I live with my beautiful wife, Emma and work mostly in the South East of England.

I bought my first camera at sixteen, a small 35mm film camera with completely manual controls. Whilst everyone else I knew was playing with phones with instant but cheap blurry cameras, I found happiness in pointing my little Centon at all of my friends, taking it out any chance I got.

In the last eleven years, I’ve spent countless hours taking and editing photos. Learning more and more but still keeping the same ethos that photos of people are worth keeping. 

After years using a Canon 1D, I've recently switched to using Fuji's X series cameras. Using discreet, retro looking cameras allows me to snap natural photos at exceptional quality without disrupting my subjects with loud obtrusive gear.

The greatest compliment I have ever received is people mistaking my hard work for talent.

Photo by Esther Rowe.

Email: samueldinsmorephotography@gmail.com
Phone: 07814 393048

Copyright (c) 2017 Samuel Dinsmore Photography

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